Thursday, 24 June 2010

Movie still study.

I know everyone and their mum has drawn the Joker, but meh. Still life study from a movie still.

Photo study of a Snape cosplayer. I changed the features because it was originally a female (who looked amazing, btw) but she had too soft of features so I hardened them to match more with what I think young Snape would look like.

Ah. I haven't forgotten about this blog but I've been super busy with my work experience and haven't much time to do as many studies as I should. :E
Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Waterhouse painting study. Steps here. Not finished yet.

A strange character design for a fighting game, perhaps? I had an idea that he was a scientist, but got into a science realted accident (like you do) and became a floating, sentiant skull in a tank. Yeaaahhhh. I dunno. :C

More Roman vampire stuff. It started off as a simple drapery exercise and evolved into some sort of David and Goliath vampire thing.

I have more, but it can wait. Eyes hurting. Blech, blech.
Monday, 14 June 2010

First post!

Master study of Sargent. See the original here. Combination of PS and OpenCanvas. Can't seem to
stick to one program. :C

Quick sketch while waiting for a friend to come over. No refs. RPG characters for a Vampire: The Requiem game that is set in Rome. :B

Another doodle of an RPG character from the same campaign. Mekhet scholar. :o

Anyway, off for more painting. Hope to post more sketches soon!