Thursday, 21 October 2010
Ohpeh. I haven't done many studies. I suck.

Thursday, 16 September 2010
Trying to work through this and not feeling sorry for myself about not having a job, but it's still hard sometimes.

WIP of a cover thing for this Cthulhu pitch idea. OhnoesSutton. What happened to your face you poor bastard? D:

Yeah, so I was working on this and BAM. Blue screen of death. File corrupted and all I had was a very small thumb of what it looked like so I'm reworking it from there. It has taught me to SAVE SAVE multi copies of files because jesus, I am never going through that again. -_-

Study. She's also sort of inspiration for this CoC comic idea. Hrm.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010
Updaaateees. Excellent. More studies.

Movie still study. Got a load of new brushes. Mmmmmyes. Texture.

Another movie study from the saammmme movie. Quite like ths one, actually. Had fun doing the strange little textures on the pointy...wing things.

OMG. I know I do so many boring character paintings and this is no exception, sadly. Buuuut it's my character from a Cthulu RPG I am doing with friends. His name is Professor James Sutton and he's a complete bastard despite looking quite nice, kukukuku. He's also slowly going crazy, so woo!

Crappy 1 hr quick paint. Uhhh, I dunno what's going on. I suck. ._.;

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010
Ohsnap. It's been ages since my last update. I have been working, but eh.

Filled am request on /tg/ for a 40K Battle Sister with a chinese sort of theme. BLAH.

Environment for a work-homework job...thing. Not totally satisfied. :c

...Katya being Katya, I dunno.

Majimaaaa study. Finally got my hands on Yakuza 4. Loving it so far. *_* So excited for the next one! :D
Monday, 12 July 2010

New wallpaper painting I'm working on. There were no nice wallpapers of Majima so I am making my own. :B

Simple BW enviornment study. I enjoy textures. That is all.

Lighting study. WIP

p-chat scribbles of young!Revolver Ocelot.

Tired. Wanna go home and playing Professor Layton. :C

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Monday, 5 July 2010

Another study. Blahhhhh.

Study I got bored half-way through and started doodling a skull. :/

I've been trying to finish this for the past few days but just havent gotten around to it. Ohhhhh, Majima, your love for Kazuma makes me lol. <3

Work experience is going well! Possibly have a job? Might be making money soon? Just in time for me to import Yakuza 4 and for Kane and Lynch 2 to ome out. :B


Thursday, 24 June 2010

Movie still study.

I know everyone and their mum has drawn the Joker, but meh. Still life study from a movie still.

Photo study of a Snape cosplayer. I changed the features because it was originally a female (who looked amazing, btw) but she had too soft of features so I hardened them to match more with what I think young Snape would look like.

Ah. I haven't forgotten about this blog but I've been super busy with my work experience and haven't much time to do as many studies as I should. :E